Strategy to Reduce the Fossil Fuel Consumption in Nepal

Duration September 2009 to December 2011
Address Nepal
Partner Organization Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Project Description

The energy demand and consumption pattern is soaring in some fast developing countries including India, China, Brazil and developed countries due to their rapid economic growth in the recent years. Energy is used in almost every sector of development process namely: transportation, residential, services, agriculture and industrial --mostly dominated by fossil fuels. Fossil Fuels are the most crucial form of energy for fulfilling the current global energy demand. The fossil fuel reserves are limited and they are depleting at a faster pace due to over consumption. The depleting reserves and rising price of fossil fuel are the two major risks for global energy security.

In this context, Winrock International worked in partnership with the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Environment to undertake a study on fossil fuel consumption and prepared country strategy paper to reduce the consumption.

Focal Person Mr. Binod Prasad Shrestha
Project Status Closed
Download file for more information Strategy to Reduce the Fossil Fuel Consumption in Nepal.pdf

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